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Latest News

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Are doctors billing too often for 'low value' procedures? Some experts think so

The future of healthcare is digital

Small group of Ontario family MDs order too many unnecessary tests, study finds

One solution to hallway medicine: outpatient hip replacements

Big health care change takes big courage

Wearing your heart on your wrist: Apple's new ECG app

Lessons from Ontario on big hospital funding changes

The good doctor

How to modernize Canada's health care in the digital age

When will it stop? Clinicians are still ordering routine ECGs despite recommendations to the contrary

Making our health care better

The virtualization of Canada's healthcare system

Hospital crowding: Why all 3 major Ontario parties are promising more LTC beds

How to shorten hospital wait times in Canada

He got his knee replaced at a Toronto hospital. A few hours later he was climbing the stairs

Before voting, understand these facts about health care

Smart phone apps & your health

Federal health agencies need dramatic overhaul, report says

Why it's so hard to reform Canadian health care

Assisted dying: what happens when doctors disagree on what the law days?

How the Canadian health system works, and doesn't

'Disruptive approach' to health care may be just what the doctor ordered

To stent or not to stent for chest pain

What did Bernie Sanders learn in his weekend in Canada?

A Canadian doctor explains how her country's single-payer health care system works

Should doctors be paid a salary?

Canadian doctor to U.S.: Try single-payer health care instead of trashing it

How doctors are sparing patients from heart tests they don't need

Low-risk Ontarians getting too many heart tests, study finds

Expanding the reach of primary care in developing countries

Canadian study finds dozens of deaths from ‘minimally invasive’ laparoscopic surgeries


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