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WIHV leaders appear as regular guest commentators on some of Canada’s most prominent news networks.

How Big Data Changed Pro Sports & Will Revolutionize Your Health Care

Dr. Sacha Bhatia at TEDxWesternU

Much like the NBA, which uses real time data to transform how teams perform, health care is on the cusp of a digital revolution, where the devices we own are able to collect data on patient experiences and outcomes in ways we’ve never seen before... [more]

What To Do About 500 Ont. Doctors Charging Over $1M in Fees Last Year

Dr. Sacha Bhatia on Bloomberg North with Amanda Lang

The Ontario Medical Associate is accusing Health Minister Eric Hoskins of inflaming the public with skewed information about how much doctors are billing the province... [more]

Treating Canada’s Health Care System

Dr. Danielle Martin on TVO’s The Agenda

When Dr. Danielle Martin spoke before a U.S. Senate subcommittee a few years ago, she taught Americans a thing or two about universal health coverage.... [read more]


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