A message from the CEO & VP medical affairs & health system solutions

Women's College Hospital is a unique organization. As Canada's only independent, academic, ambulatory hospital, we have a very special role to play in closing health gaps in our system. Our focus is on keeping people out of the hospital, in spite of the rise of chronic disease and an aging population.

WIHV (the WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care) is a living laboratory that develops, implements and evaluates new ways of delivering health care services. Our scientists and innovation fellows are working on ways to scale up solutions across the health care system. The work that we do at WIHV is intended to benefit everyone, no matter where they live. This year in our annual report, we are proud to feature three projects below that serve as stellar examples of the kinds of practical solutions that WIHV is contributing to systems across Canada.

Marilyn Emery
President & CEO
Women’s College Hospital
Dr. Danielle Martin
Vice-President, Medical Affairs & Health System Solutions
Women’s College Hospital

Taking design to heart

Dr. Noah Ivers, Innovation Fellow

One year after a heart attack, less than 40% of patients continue with cardiac rehab. WIHV works with patients and a design firm to help close this health gap. Read more on this study.

Feedback with impact

Dr. Sacha Bhatia, Director

Echocardiograms cost the system over $200 million per year and 1 in 5 are ordered unnecessarily in Ontario. WIHV educates doctors on how to narrow this health gap by 25%. Read more on this study.

Can health apps close care gaps?

Dr. Payal Agarwal, Innovation Fellow

Our health system focuses on doctors controlling a lot of patient health information. WIHV and the Ontario Telemedicine Network look to change this by engaging patients in managing their own care. Learn about Practical Apps.

A message from Women’s College Hospital Foundation president and CEO Mary Dodd

In 2017, the Foundation was proud and grateful to work with several new philanthropic leaders who have chosen to invest in WIHV. Among them are Louise Fast, whose tremendous investment of $1 million in the WIHV Directorship Fund will provide a crucial funding resource dedicated to advancing the institute’s greatest priority needs. In celebration of her gift, we are thrilled to recognize Louise as the founding patron of the WIHV Directorship Fund.

Another long-time WCH supporter, Linda Reed, recently turned her giving focus to WIHV with a new fund dedicated to supporting the continuing education needs of WIHV staff. Speaking about her decision to invest in WIHV, Linda told us, “When I give, it must come from the heart. My heart has to say, this is really important – important to society.”

Together, we have come so far in just a few short years – but there is still much work to be done to ensure that WIHV continues to achieve its mission. To all of our partners on this journey – our donors, the WIHV team, our hospital colleagues and the wider community of supporters – we extend our deepest and most sincere thanks for your enduring dedication and belief that true change is possible.

Mary Dodd, CPA, CA
Interim President and CEO
Women’s College Hospital Foundation


2016 WIHV Innovation Report


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