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About Us

The Office of Spread and Scale (OSS) aims to amplify successful models of care and innovative programs beyond our hospital walls, while learning from the success of others. To achieve this goal, we provide coaching and consultation on:

  • How to include principles of implementation science in your work, projects, and research grants to help you consider sustainability, spread and scale from the beginning.
  • Assessing readiness for implementation and options for spread and scale, including potential barriers and enablers.
  • How to consider spread and scale within digital health evaluations.
  • Strategies for encouraging and supporting patient engagement and involvement of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Potential ways to spread and scale your work to similar and new contexts, populations, and settings.
  • Rapid sharing of best practices of innovative models of care and other initiatives.
  • How to scale successful initiatives requiring policy changes to allow for successful adoption.

Our Approach

The OSS values collaboration, health equity, and evidence-informed decision-making while prioritizing patient-oriented research and application of practices likely to achieve great impact.

Our Services

We provide coaching and consultation services for work at any stage, including providing relevant input to funding applications, factors to consider before ethics submission, implementation and dissemination strategies, and planning for next steps. We will work with you to identify a model of service that best suits your project and team needs.

These services are available to those within and outside of Women’s College Hospital. Please contact for details.

Our Team

The OSS team includes a core group of individuals from the Women’s College Research Institute, Women’s College Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV), and Strategic Communications. Expertise includes implementation science, digital health evaluation, health services research, health equity, dissemination, strategic communications, and public policy. Additional expertise is drawn from within and beyond WIHV as needed.
Team members include:

Our Funders

The OSS is supported by the Ontario SPOR (Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research) Support Unit (OSSU). The OSSU is a network that engages researchers, patients, and other partners in patient-oriented research to improve the health of Ontarians and the health care system.

Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you achieve impact.

Spread Replicating an initiative somewhere else (i.e. one site to another)

Scale Tackling the infrastructure problems that arise during full scale implementation (i.e. implementing provincial policy)

* Definitions from GreenhalghT, PapoutsiC. Spreading and scaling up innovation and improvement


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